Monday, July 4, 2011

Where Did That Weekend Go?

Oops. I'd wanted to update my blog every weekend. I'll try harder next time! hahaha!

I had a GREAT week!! I'd met with a supplier who just made my week! He gave me heaps of samples of delicious chocolates to try for my ganache, some chocolate mousse and pretty shimmers... and a little something extra special... keep reading to see... He was a wealth of information too and I've got many awesome ideas flowing! 

Last week I made macarons in The Wiggles colours... 

"Wiggles" Macarons!

I also made some pretty pink & orange macarons for a sweet little girls 5th birthday. They had a yummy raspberry ganache centre... I'll show pictures of those soon hopefully. I'd like to show some "action" shots instead of my "posed" shots... 

This week I'm making lots of macarons, some for a friend who is taking them to her office and some to be used on a wedding buffet table by Amy of Style & Grace Candy Buffets/Style & Grace Wedding Function Hire

Some exciting things are happening next week though!! A hint: 18. 

Okay, I'll tell you. 18 new flavours I'm trialling with a couple of friends!! Keep your fingers crossed that I'll hopefully be able to introduce some new flavours soon!


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